Private ski lessons in Chamonix

Rather than have an online booking system, I prefer that we have the opportunity to exchange a few emails, this gives me the opportunity to learn a little more about you & to better understand your requirements.

If you wish to reserve me please do so by emailing me at with your request. I will reply as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

You may send me the details of your booking request or if you wish you can use the following text as a template by copying & pasting it onto your e mail, completing it & then mailing it to me.:


Ski Instruction Booking Request


Holiday address: Chamonix centre / Chamonix surrounds / Les Houches / Argentiere

Will you have the use of a vehicle ?: Y/ N

Number of clients:

Ski or snowboard ?:

Ability: Beginner / Beginner + / Lower Intermediate / Higher Intermediate / Expert

Date (s):

Hours of lesson: Morning (8h45-12h) / Afternoon (13h30-16h30) / Whole day (9h-16h)

Special requirements etc:


To actually reserve me I will not ask you to pay a deposit but will ask that you understand that the reservation is binding & that I will certainly refuse other work for the period that you select . In the event of your having to cancel for medical reasons you would probably be able to reclaim my fees from a travel insurance policy. 

Payment for lessons is due at the end of the final lesson. This may be by a Euro cheque or in cash. Please note that I am unable to accept payment by credit card (there are numerous ATM in Chamonix).